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Repel Boarders is a coop game for 1-6 players, you can take control of any number of crew under Cpt Frank Smith in either one of the 9 included missions or if you prefer you can design your own!

Gain weapons and armour from the chests scattered about the ship in your attempt to defeat the forces of space pirates that are attacking your ship. 

Missions have different objectives ranging from simply surviving a massive rush of pirates to securing vital parts of your ship.

Will you take on the role of a marine and attack the enemy head on or the role of medic and assist your fellow players in staying alive as wave after wave of blood thirsty pirates swarm the ship. 

The choice is yours with 6 different characters to play and missions with varying degrees of difficulty. 

Whichever character and mission you choose you are sure to have hours of fun with this interactive board game that includes over 30 detailed miniatures, stunning art work and easy to pick up rules suitable for the whole family.

The Fate of the TSC Titan is in your hands...  "All crew this is the captain, Red Alert!  Standby to REPEL BOARDERS"


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